FACILITATION/MODERATION  – also Remote / Online available!

Having a B.A. in Education and a M.A. in Business Coaching and Change Management (with a focus on group processes), I offer the following (deutsch/english):

Customized Workshops
  • Leveraging (social, economic & environmental) sustainability with agility
  • Licensed Facilitator Agile Fluency (TM)
  • Defining a best-fit (agile) software development process
  • Process Improvements
  • Lift-Off / Kick-Off Workshops
  • Pattern Mining Workshops
Retrospective – Agile and/or Release Retrospectives and Lessons Learned at Project End
  • Use Retrospectives for Organizational Change
  • Improve your development process during project development
  • Reflect on your last project and learn from it
Facilitation for mid-size and large Groups for diverse Purposes
  • Open Space
  • World Café