BOSSA nova

Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy

Survive & Thrive on Disruption.

by Jutta Eckstein and John Buck

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BOSSA nova is…
… an approach for company-wide agility. It enables your company to be agile, nimble, and flexible by combining

  • Beyond Budgeting (adaptive budgeting),
  • Open Space (leveraging the power of innovation from all employees),
  • Sociocracy (flexible organizational structure that allows decentralized decision-making), and
  • Agile (continuous learning via experiments and feedback).

BOSSA nova is for everyone in the company. You can start using it right away.

Jutta Eckstein and John Buck
Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018
264 pages
ISBN-10 154467287X
ISBN-13 978-1544672878

  • Sample chapter
  • Illustrations and cover design by Katja Gloggengiesser

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