COACHING – also Remote/Online available!

With a M.A. in Business Coaching and Change Management, I coach individuals, teams, and organizations (deutsch/english)

Coaching for Individuals
  • Coaching of top and middle management for Agile Leadership.
  • Coaching and support for change management, for agile transition (transformation).
  • Support for your personal growth and development.
  • Coaching and mentoring in your (new) role as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Leader or the like.
Team Coaching
  • Support for creating products that support a diverse and inclusive market.
  • Coaching for a wider perspective and more diversity and inclusion in your team.
  • As a licensed facilitator of the Agile Fluency (TM) Project coaching your team to more and appropriate agile fluency.
  • Introduce and establish an agile process in your project and/or organization.
  • Support for addressing (social, economic & environmental) sustainability with your products.
  • Review and improvement of your existing software development process (team and cross-team retrospectives).
  • Improve the communication structure in your team.
  • Establish an environment for large (scaled) and distributed teams.
Organizational Coaching
  • Enable Agility at the organizational level.
  • Support for creating a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Coaching for integrating (social, economic & environmental) sustainability into your strategy.
  • Use of Retrospectives for Organizational Change.
  • Foster an agile environment through supportive strategy, structure, and processes.
  • Enable BOSSA nova, the synthesis of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy & Agility.
  • Support for establishing Business Agility.

Coaching Experience:

  • Setting up an agile environment at the corporate level (including organizational structure)
  • Setting up a peer coaching strategy for implementing a learning organization (in terms of spreading agility)
  • Setting up and establishing an iterative incremental process as an enterprise-wide process at a German Bank Software Shop
  • Development Process and Customer Relationship Coaching at a German Life Insurance Company
  • Development Process Coaching for a mission-critical J2EE project at a German Bank Software Shop
  • Development of a Capacity- and Availability Management-System for a Swiss Bank
  • Development of a Risk-Management-System for exotic financial instruments (derivatives) at a German Bank
  • Design and Implementation of a Risk-Management-System for a German Bank as a Client/Server solution
  • System Analysis and Implementation of an information system for Leasing Companies
  • Design and Realization of a Management-Information-System as a Client/Server-solution for a computer manufacturer
  • Development of a Hypertext System
  • Design and Implementation of a Support Tracking System
  • Design and Implementation of a Simulation System for a Power Plant
  • Development of a User Interface for Visualizing 2D-Vectorgraphic for a CAE-System