Retrospectives for Organizational Change:

An Agile Approach

by Jutta Eckstein

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In this book, I examine how retrospectives -originally a kind of a facilitated workshop for gaining feedback- can be applied conceptually to initiate and implement organizational change. Technically, retrospectives were an instrument for a group to examine a past joint period of time and learn from that. The participants of a Retrospective for Organizational Change do not share a joint past, yet they learn from their different individual experiences and use this as a basis to form a shared future. The main strength is to leverage the experiences of a diverse group. Especially if the change is dynamic, which means the approach toward the goal is unclear or if it is complex, where the goal itself is in-determinate, Retrospectives for Organizational Change can provide a way to support such a change.

This book covers the conceptual idea of using Retrospectives for Organizational Change and additionally reports on the feedback and experiences of its practical application.

I gave an interview on InfoQ about the book.

Jutta Eckstein
Retrospectives for Organizational Change: An Agile Approach
CreateSpace (2014)
114 pages
ISBN: 1499190255
ISBN-13: 978-1499190250

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