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Agile Software Development in the Large

Diving into the Deep

by Jutta Eckstein

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Agile Software Development in the Large is a collection of best practices that should be applied to any large agile, for example Extreme Programming (XP) project. Agile processes promise to react flexibly to continuously changing requirements. That is the reason why agile processes are currently treated as a panacea for successful software-development. However on the one hand agile processes are almost always recommended for small projects and small teams only. Whereas on the other hand in some domains large teams also have to deal with speedy changes of requirements.
Agile Software Development in the Large shows how to apply the principles and values to large teams, to still gain all of the benefits from agile processes like XP.

Jutta Eckstein
Agile Software Development in the Large – Diving Into the Deep
Dorset House, New York, 2004
233 pages
ISBN 0-932633-57-9

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